Frudua Guitar Works is a small 2 men company, dedicated to handbuild electric guitars and basses in the finest Italian craftmanship and style. The birth of the company in the small center of Imola (known worldwide for Formula 1 car races), luckily coincided with the closing of the only music store in town. The first Frudua labeled guitar was a GFS with air brushed graphics and was sold to a friend who soon bought another. Both guitars and the next 3 were sold for about 1.000,00 Euros. From then on the prices and the quality of the instruments raised and settled into a high-end market and never left it. In 1994 Galeazzo Frudua met Andrea Braido, probably the most important Italian guitarist, having performed with top Italian artists like, Laura Pausini, Zucchero Fornaciari, Ramazzotti, etc. It was the birth of a friendly relationship and an endorsement which brought both the artist and the company to very high acclaim in Italy. In 2002 the number of Italian and foreign professionals who use Frudua Guitar Works instruments is continually increasing and includes world famous American bassist Jimmy Earl (Chick Corea, Robben Ford, Stanley Clark), guitarist David Rhodes (Peter Gabriel), German guitarist Thomas Dill (Roland Europe), Faso of Elio and the Storie Tese, Giorgio Cocilovo, Paolo Costa, some of the most sought after and best paid Italian session players, and many others important musicians. Since in 1988 Galeazzo Frudua had established Frudua Guitar Works which, it became the leader in custom-made electric guitars and basses in Italy.

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