I was born in 1964, in Albizzate, a small center in the extreme north of Italy. I built my first guitar, a copy of the John Lennon's 320 Rickembacker in 1980, a time when you could not find any of the hundreds of replacement parts that you can find today. This was definitely the hard way to learn but it truly paid off.

Next year I made my first neck through guitar based on the design of Brain May's original custom made axe. I owe my skills to a Fender Strat I bought in 1980. I made every sort of custom modification on it until I finally destroyed it in 1984 after that I had tried almost every kind of job you can do on an electric guitar.

In 1982 I began perfecting my skills at the Cremona Luthery School with master Vincenzo Bissolotti, in order to learn the secrets of violins making.

During my 15 years as a professional guitar-maker I've had the honor of building instruments for the most important Italian guitarists and bassists, as well as for international musicians of the caliber of David Rhodes (Peter Gabriel band) and Jimmy Earl (Stanley Clarke, Chick Corea Electric band).

I care for each Frudua guitar as if it was my own and I already miss it even before it leaves the shop. There is my name on it.

I'm particularly devoted to three instuments: guitar, bass and piano. My main passions are: music, composition, graphic design's, building websites, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), history and communication in general.

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